Relieving Dental Anxiety

Relieving Dental Anxiety in Spring, TX

Part of making you feel at home at our Spring, TX dentist office is helping you relieve dental anxiety and preventing your children from developing it. If you or even elderly members of your family have let problems with your teeth go untreated for years, it’s time to finally make the call to our office. We’ll be the caring voice on the end of the line.

What can I expect from my dental visit?

If you suffer from dental anxiety, the image you have of the dental office as a cold, scary place is very different from the warm, friendly experience you’ll have with Texas Dental Group. At our office, you can keep up with your dental health without dreading your visit to the dentist. We have:

  • Kind staff members happy to schedule a longer appointment or a private room.
  • TVs to keep you entertained while your dentist does your work.
  • Pillows and headphones to keep you cozy in our chair.

Can you give me something to help me stay calm?

You can talk to your trusted Spring, TX dentist Dr. Memmott about sedation dentistry to ease your anxiety. We offer nitrous oxide or oral medication for an additional layer of protection against your nerves.

What can I do to relax before my visit?

A lot of the time, we let our imaginations get carried away. One way to sweep away any false fears is to come pay our office a visit and see for yourself how we can cater to your family. You’ll find us over on the same end of town as Klein High School.

Don’t fear the dentist. Our Spring, TX dentist is here to take care of your dental anxiety. To set up your fear-free dental visit today, call us at 832-791-1706 . We can help you have a healthier smile.

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