Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom Teeth Removal in Spring, TX

Dr. Memmott on Wisdom Teeth
Your teen is suddenly acting like a baby cutting teeth again. They’re complaining about swelling and pain in their gums. You’ve tried numbing gel and ice packs, but nothing works. You hate to see your child suffer. Why won’t the pain just go away? They may been in need of wisdom teeth removal from our Spring, TX dentist.

What are wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth are the last pair of back teeth to come in. Wisdom teeth generally make an appearance sometime after age 17. And unless your child is lucky, their wisdom teeth will probably come in slanted and cause pain and issues with their other teeth. We can remove your teen’s wisdom teeth as a preventive measure at our Spring, TX dentist office, conveniently located right across the street from Klein High School. Removing wisdom teeth is generally a simple procedure, and your teen likely won’t have to miss more than a day of school. Before the pain begins, bring your teen (or yourself) in for a visit. We can often tell if wisdom teeth will become an issue.

Are you sure it’s wisdom teeth causing the pain?

Wisdom teeth can be impacted. This is when they don’t break through the gums and remain under the gums. This can make them hard to see, and they may or may not cause pain. Your dentist will take an X-ray to confirm your wisdom teeth are the cause of any pain you may experience in the back of your mouth before planning a removal.

What about wisdom teeth aftercare?

Your trusted Spring, TX dentist Dr. Memmott will talk to you and your teen about how to help the healing process after they’ve had their wisdom teeth removed. Here are a few things to avoid during that time:

  • Smoking cigarettes
  • Drinking with straws
  • Eating food that needs chewing

Wisdom teeth coming in can be a miserable experience. Don’t let your teen suffer through it. Make an appointment when you need wisdom teeth removal by calling 832-791-1706 .

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