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Tooth Removal/Tooth Extractions in Spring, TX

Dr. Memmott on Tooth Removal and Extractions
Have you ever heard the saying, “One bad apple can ruin the bunch?” A bad tooth can wreak the same kind of havoc in your mouth. It might start with bad breath, sore gums, and pain around one tooth, but before you know it, it can spread to the tooth next to it or even travel into your jaw. Our Spring, TX dentist office offers tooth removal or tooth extractions, even your wisdom teeth, and preserve the health of your mouth.

Why does my tooth need to come out?

In addition to tooth decay and trauma, there are many reasons you could need a tooth removal:

  • You could need a tooth removal to give the other teeth in your mouth more space. This is common before getting braces.
  • If you suffer from gum disease, your teeth can become loose, and your dentist might suggest removing them and replacing them with dental implants.
  • If root canal treatment can’t save your infected tooth, then the next step is to remove it.
  • Most people find that they need their wisdom teeth removed at some point.

How will my dentist remove my tooth?

Very gently. Your trusted Spring, TX dentist will make sure you’re numb before loosening your tooth and then removing it. If your tooth is impacted (hasn’t completely erupted from your gums), removing it will require a few extra steps. We may even be able to remove more than one tooth at a time. Sedation may be provided so you can remain comfortable throughout your treatment.

What happens after I have a tooth removed?

Afterward, your dentist will walk you through any aftercare steps you need to take. Your top-notch Spring, TX dentist Dr. Memmott will also discuss options with you for replacing the teeth you had removed, like dentures, bridges, or dental implants.

If you’re ready to part ways with a bad tooth or want to know if you need tooth removal to prepare your mouth for braces or dentures, give us a call at 832-791-1706 to schedule your appointment today.

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