I'm Having Wisdom Teeth Pain

Are You Having Wisdom Teeth Pain?

Getting your wisdom tooth removed isn’t as exciting as getting your driver’s license, but it’s a rite of passage your child will likely experience during his or her late teens or early 20s. Find relief from wisdom teeth pain at our Spring, Texas dentist office.

When is it time to remove wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth are generally pretty good about telling you when they’re ready to come out:

  • Your teen is complaining that it hurts when they open their mouth
  • Your teen is experiencing pain while eating
  • Your teen has bad breath or a bad taste in their mouth
  • You teen has swelling in the back of their mouth

If your teen is experiencing any of these symptoms or you’re unsure what might be the source of their pain, please call us at 832-791-1706  to get them relief.

It’s important that you don’t delay treatment. Wisdom teeth don’t tend to come in straight like most adult teeth. This can disrupt the alignment of other adult teeth in your teen’s mouth and cause cavities and other issues. Delaying removal can even lead to infection.

How can we manage the pain?

After you call us, there are a few ways you can help your teen manage the pain until their appointment.

  • Over-the-counter pain medication like Advil or Tylenol
  • A warm saltwater rinse
  • A numbing gel applied to the gums

Can they all be removed at once?

Your teen will likely be able to have all of his or her wisdom teeth removed in the same visit. During a consultation, we will take X-rays that will help show us the best plan for removal.

Whether your teen is here in town or home from school on break, we can get them in for a wisdom teeth removal appointment and provide some relief. Call us at 832-791-1706  or use our convenient online form.

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