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Your mom and dad brought you to get your teeth cleaned in our Spring, TX dentist office when you were a kid. Three decades later, we’re still here and now you can trust us to care for your kids’ teeth.

Let’s watch them grow up strong and healthy together! That’s family dentistry here at Texas Dental Group.

If you’re a new patient of Texas Dental Group, we look forward to welcoming your family into ours. Call 281-376-0550 to make an appointment. Our dentists are certified active members of the American Dental Association.

We Keep Your Teen’s Teeth in Top Shape

Braces, wisdom teeth removal, athletic mouthguards, dental cleanings for the big dance — you could find yourself running all over town trying to get your teen everywhere they need to be to keep their teeth in top shape. Or you could make one stop and visit us.

We can:

  • Extract your teen’s wisdom teeth
  • Offer Invisalign braces if their adult teeth need to be straightened out
  • Fit them for an athletic mouthguard to protect the investments you’ve made in their mouth from hard hits on the field
  • Get their teeth squeaky clean for all of those selfies they like to take with their friends

If your teen is a student at Klein High School, we’re just up the street. So you can get them to their appointment and back in class quickly. And yes, Mom or Dad, if you need any these services for yourself, we can get you in for an appointment, too.

We Love Kids — and They’ll Love Us

We love children. Some of our team members have even been here since you were a kid! Dr. Memmott believes children are a joy and has two young daughters at home.
We do everything we can to make going to the dentist a wonderful experience for your child:

  • Side-by-side appointments so your child can see you getting your teeth cleaned while they get their teeth cleaned, too.
  • Treasure chest so they can bring home a souvenir from their dental adventure.
  • Speaking to you and your children in the same language they hear at home, whether that’s English or Spanish.

We Make It Easy for Elderly Dental Patients

You may be struggling with aging parents who find it difficult to let you take over their care. That includes their dental health needs.

If you have a parent who’s anxious about visiting the dentist, bring them to see us. Our homey family dental office is a far cry from the dental offices of their youth.

For their comfort, we offer:

  • Headphones
  • TVs
  • Pillows

We can also schedule a longer appointment, so we can move through their treatment at their pace. And sedation options such as nitrous oxide and oral medications are available.

We’re ready to make your family right at home at our dental office! Call us at 281-376-0550. Or use our convenient online form to schedule appointments for every member of your family at our Spring, TX dentist office.

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