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Dr. Memmott on Dentures
If you think it’s time for dentures, you might be right. Each year, thousands of Americans choose denture over the embarrassment of a toothless smile. At our Spring, TX dentist office, we can get you fitted for a set of denture or implant-secured denture that will put the twinkle back in your smile.

What’s the difference between denture and implant-supported denture?

Losing all of your teeth can make you feel like you’re moving backward in age, in a bad way. Just as it was when you were a baby, your smile is all gums, and you can only eat mushy or soft foods. Dentures are a set of replacement teeth that keep your cheeks from sinking in and allow you to eat solid food once again. Your denture will be created just for you based on molds taken of your mouth. Advances in the art of denture design mean more comfortable dentures with a real-smile look.

In a standard set of dentures, the natural moisture in your mouth and shape of your gums helps hold your denture in place. With implant-supported denture, your dentures are held in place by posts secured in your jaw for a strong, reliable fit.

Are dentures hard to care for?

Dentures hardly require any extra work to care for. Just like with natural teeth, you’ll still visit our office for regular cleanings, and if your dentures are fitting loose, you’ll want to come in and see us. Some other tips for caring for your denture:

  • Rinse your denture after every meal and before returning them to your mouth.
  • Give your denture a good brushing with a denture cleanser every day.
  • Any time you remove your denture, be sure to gently clean your mouth.
  • Soak your denture overnight while you sleep.
  • Always treat your denture with care and avoid anything hot enough to damage them.

Implant-supported denture that are not removeable are cared for like regular teeth.

Can I upgrade an old set of dentures I received elsewhere?

Denture don’t last a lifetime. Our mouths change constantly as the years pass. If your denture is no longer a great fit, we’d be happy to see you at our office to get you fitted for a new set. If you got your denture a while ago, you may be interested in visiting us to get a firsthand look at how realistic and natural dentures look these days. If you’re like most of us, even as you get older, you still want to look your best.

To schedule an appointment and start the process for new denture, call our Spring, TX dentist at 832-791-1706 .

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