Three Ways Dental Veneers Could Improve Your Smile

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How important is your smile? Fair or not, your smile does affect many people’s first impression of you.

Surveys have shown that people with nice smiles are generally considered more successful, more intelligent, more attractive, and even friendlier than people with “bad” smiles.

This may not matter when you are running through the drive-through to get your morning coffee. But it could make a difference if you are trying to make a sale, trying to land a job or a date, or meeting a new co-worker or client.

At Texas Dental Group, we want you to feel comfortable sharing your smile so people can see the other good things about you, too. It’s one of the reasons we offer dental veneers at our as part of our cosmetic dentistry in Spring, TX.

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Below you will find three reasons you may want to consider getting dental veneers.


★ Dental Veneers Can Fix Chipped Teeth

As you will see, dental veneers can be an alternative to other kinds of cosmetic dentistry. Chipped and worn-down teeth are a great example.

You could choose tooth bonding to repair these teeth. This is generally considered a temporary solution. Bonding will need to be repaired or replaced from time to time.

Dental veneers can provide a longer term fix for these same problems. With proper care, dental veneers can last for decades.

You can restore the shape of a tooth that was damaged by biting into a popcorn kernel or an unexpected olive pit. You can rebuild that tooth that was the victim of unintentional teeth grinding.

You can even use veneers to fill small gaps between teeth.

And you can do this at Texas Dental Group if you call 832-791-1706 for an appointment.


★ Dental Veneers Can Hide Crooked Teeth

Crooked teeth affect millions of people. In truth, it’s rare for anyone to have perfectly straight teeth.

If your teeth are out of alignment, we may recommend Invisalign® to get your crooked teeth in line or to add some space between crowded teeth. While this orthodontic option has proven itself to be very effective, it also takes about 12 months on average to complete.

Another option for some patients might be to get dental veneers instead. Where Invisalign will move your teeth to alter how they are arranged in your mouth, veneers does something very different.

Dental veneers don’t move your teeth. Veneer hide your teeth instead.

When veneers are bonded to the front of your smile, they conceal your teeth. In a way, they create a facade that makes your teeth look perfectly straight and evenly spaced.

You could have a brand new smile in a matter of weeks with dental veneers.


★ Dental Veneers Can Whiten Your Smile

The single most popular cosmetic dental treatment is teeth whitening. It’s understandable why. Nothing can improve the appearance of your smile faster than getting rid of deep stains.

The thing is … stains aren’t the only reason your teeth can become discolored. Injuries, illnesses, and some medications can cause your teeth to be something other than pearly white. Plus some really deep stains may not respond to teeth whitening as well as you might like.

This is when dental veneers can save your smile. Veneers can be shaded to be as white as you would like. And by getting a full set of veneers, your smile could like as white and bright as it ever has.


How You Can Get Dental Veneers

If you think you may be interested in dental veneers, then we recommend scheduling a consultation at our dentist office in Spring, TX.

During your visit, we can discuss your goals. We can examine your smile. And together, we can determine if dental veneers or another cosmetic service will be the best way for you to create the smile you want to see.

If you do decide to get dental veneers, we will custom-design a set of our DURAthin or porcelain veneers just for you. This may involve removing a thin layer of enamel from the front of your teeth, depending on which kind of veneers you choose.

To make an appointment at Texas Dental Group, call 832-791-1706 or contact us online. This could be your first step to your new smile.

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