Three Times You Could Use Dental Implants

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Do you like being able to eat the foods that you want to eat?

Do you want to feel confident about the appearance of your smile?

If you are missing teeth, do you want to keep the teeth that you still have?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then today is a good day to learn about dental implants and what they can do for you.

No matter how many teeth you are missing, implants could be the key to eating what you want again, having a complete smile again, and preserving any natural teeth that you have left.

Implants have played an important role in the restorative care that we offer at Texas Dental Group in Spring, TX. Feel free to call (832) 791-1706 today to make an appointment with Dr. Nathan Memmott to find out if implants will work for you.


Eat What You Want With Dental Implants

Let’s assume for a moment that you are missing a complete row of teeth.

Getting dentures might seem like a good solution at first. But dentures alone have limited benefits. As long as they stay in, you can have a natural-looking smile.

But as anyone who has had traditional dentures for a reasonable amount of time has learned, they do not always stay in place. This can become embarrassingly obvious during meals.

Corn on the cob, chicken, apples, and steaks are just a few of the many foods that can cause dentures to come loose.

The reason for this is that you have only replaced the crowns of your teeth. To restore more of your biting power, you need to replace the roots of your missing teeth as well. That is what dental implants do.

By getting implants placed in their jaws, many patients can restore 80 percent, 90 percent, or more of their original biting power. As a result, they can continue to eat all the foods that they love without worrying that their replacement teeth will come loose.

And knowing how well implants work to support a full set of dentures, you can trust that they will secure a dental bridge or a dental crown as well.

If you need to replace all, some, or just one of your teeth, then you owe it to yourself to at least consider getting dental implants, too.


(Re)create A Complete Smile With Dental Implants

We noted earlier that modern dentures offer some benefits. They do look like natural teeth when they stay in place.

The materials used to make dental crowns and bridges are equally convincing from a cosmetic standpoint. So why should you consider cosmetic benefits when deciding to replace the roots of your teeth? You won’t be able to see the implants anyway.

That’s true, but implants will make any teeth replacements more stable and secure. That makes them more likely to last, which means you can feel confident that you will have a natural-looking smile for a long, long time.

Getting implants is an investment in both the function and the appearance of your restored smile.


Keep The Real Teeth You Still Have With Dental Implants

Tooth loss rarely happens all at once. You aren’t likely to go to bed with all your teeth and wake up with none of them.

It’s much more likely that you might lose one or two teeth. If you don’t replace them, a few things can follow that lead to more lost teeth.

First, your jawbone can begin to shrink. Without a root, you won’t be applying pressure to parts of your jaw when you bite and chew. This can prevent your jawbone from making new bone tissue in those places. This can cause the jaw to get smaller as old tissue is absorbed back into your body.

Second, nearby teeth may begin to “drift” into the open space. This can alter your bite, and it can leave those teeth less stable. And if you lose those teeth, the problem can get worse.

Getting dental implants could stop your tooth loss in its tracks. By getting an implant-supported crown or bridge, you can recreate the pressure from your roots. This can keep your jaw generating new bone tissue regularly.

With your crown or bridge in place, you can prevent other teeth from drifting. This, in turn, can keep your natural teeth in your mouth.


Are Implants Right For You?

To find out, start by scheduling a consultation with Dr. Memmott at Texas Dental Group. Call (832) 791-1706 or contact us online to set up an appointment.

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