Teeth Whitening Can Fight The Effects Of Tobacco On Your Smile (video)

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As you get older, it’s almost inevitable that your teeth will become stained. Coffee, soft drinks, tea, pizza, pasta, and candy are just a handful of the drinks and foods that can lead to yellow, dingy smiles.

But none of them can stain your teeth as quickly as using tobacco. Whether you smoke or use smokeless tobacco, you are creating a number of oral health problems. This video by the American Dental Association explains some of the ways tobacco is hurting your smile.

If you are ready to quit tobacco or recently did so, we applaud you. We also want you to have something to show for your efforts — a brighter, whiter smile.

Professional teeth whitening is one of the many cosmetic services that we offer at Texas Dental Group. This treatment can remove deep stains to give you a more attractive smile once again.

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