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If you like your smile, you like having teeth, or both, then you should care about preventing gum disease. And there’s no better time to discuss this than February, which is Gum Disease Awareness Month.

Many people are not aware that gum disease causes more tooth loss than tooth decay, accidents, or injuries. It also doesn’t help that nearly half of adults 30 and older and 70 percent of people 65 and older have some form of periodontal disease, according to the Centers for Disease Control.

Our team at Texas Dental Group wants to help you keep your mouth free of gum disease with good general dentistry. In today’s post, we’ll offer some tips that can help you be proactive in the never-ending fight to stop periodontal problems.

You can start by scheduling a dental cleaning at our dentist office in Spring, TX. Call 832-791-1706 or contact us online to make your appointment.


Why Gum Disease Is A Problem

Periodontal disease is the leading cause of tooth loss in the United States. This in and of itself if a great reason to take steps to prevent gum disease.

However, you can have a variety of other problems before tooth loss begins.

We will discuss symptoms of gum disease a little later, but here we want to mention bleeding gums. This may be your first indicator that your gums are infected.

Many times gum disease is painless (in the initial stages), so it can progress without you realizing anything is wrong. With time, you may start to notice new problems.

You may have bad breath or a bad taste in your mouth that never seems to go away. We don’t think we need to explain why this could make face-to-face meetings awkward, whether you are in a professional or a social setting.

Pockets can form in your gum tissue. This weakens the pressure on your teeth, but it also can expose the root of your teeth to decay. That can quickly lead to bacteria eating into your teeth and causing infections. These are the kinds of infections that often require root canals to remove.

And we know from the looks on many patients’ faces that no one wants to have a root canal treatment.

Often, you can avoid these issues completely by working to keep the bacteria that cause gum disease under control. Call 832-791-1706 if have any questions about gum disease for our dentists in Spring, TX.


What Steps Can You Take To Prevent Gum Disease?

The good news is that only need about five minutes per day and a few visits to Texas Dental Group each year to go a long way in preventing gum disease.

You should keep in mind that the bacteria that cause gum disease (and tooth decay) already live inside your mouth. They multiply daily, so removing as many as you can help to keep them from creating problems.

According to the American Dental Association, you should be brushing your teeth twice a day. Each time, be sure to scrub your teeth on all sides for two minutes. You should use toothpaste with fluoride and a soft-bristled toothbrush. It’s also a good idea to replace your toothbrush every three or four months.

That covers four of the minutes we mentioned earlier. The last minute is to make time to floss between your teeth.

Brushing will remove a lot of bacteria and plaque, but your toothbrush isn’t as effective at cleaning between your teeth or below your gumline. That’s why you should floss every day, too.

Using dental floss or another interdental cleaner (e.g. flossers or water flossers) will get into those spaces. This way you can remove plaque along with small food particles, which can feed the bacteria that cause gum disease.

The third step is just as important. You should visit our dentist office in Spring, TX, for professional cleanings and exams. A member of our team will remove any plaque or tartar buildup that you may have missed.

We will also make a thorough examination of your mouth. We will let you know if we see any symptoms of gum disease or other oral health issues. If you do have gum disease, we want you to get treatment as early as possible.


Watch For the Signs Of Gum Disease

We also encourage you to stay vigilant in watching for symptoms of gum disease:

▸ Bleeding gums

▸ Red, swollen gums

▸ Tender gums

▸ Receding gums

▸ Constant bad breath

▸ Loose teeth

If you notice any of these signs, please call 832-791-1706 or contact Texas Dental Group online with questions or to make an appointment.


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