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As a parent, you want to see your family happy and smiling. You want your family to have healthy smiles and to feel confident about those smiles.

You encourage your family to practice good oral hygiene by brushing and flossing, and you want to find a family dentist who can support those efforts with routine care. If you live in or near Spring, TX, then we have just what you are looking for.

Dr. Nathan Memmott and the staff at Texas Dental Group have made family care an essential part of what we do. We try to make dental care enjoyable for young children, and we can help your family with their changing dental needs as they become teens and grow into adults.

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Dental Care For Young Children

We understand that that dentist office can be a scary place for anyone, but especially for young children. That’s also why we do our best to make Texas Dental Group kid-friendly and family-friendly.

And since we are a bilingual practice, we can address you and your children in English or Spanish, whichever you use at home. We know that building a relationship with kids now can reduce dental anxiety as they get older. Showing them that our dental office is a supportive place is part of that process.

One way we can work with you is by scheduling side-by-side appointments for you and your children. By doing this, your kids can see what happens during a routine dental visit, and you can serve as a role model showing them they don’t have to be worried about getting a dental cleaning.

As part of your visits, we will keep a close eye on your family’s teeth with X-rays and tools like our CariFree and DIAGNOdent, which help us find tooth decay in the earliest stages.

And to wrap up your child’s visit, he or she will have a chance to get a souvenir from our treasure chest.

Last but not least, your visits with us are a great opportunity to ask questions about what you can do at home to keep your mouths as healthy as possible.


Dental Care For Teens

If you already have teenagers, then we don’t have to explain how different their needs can be when compared to young children. That applies to their dental care, too.

By the time most people are 13, their primary teeth have been replaced by permanent teeth. That makes this a great time for orthodontic treatment if needed.

At our practice, your teen has the option of using Invisalign® to straighten his or her teeth. This is a different approach to orthodontic care. With Invisalign, your teen will wear a series of clear aligners instead of brackets and wires.

Since the aligners can be removed during meals, your son or daughter won’t have to give us his or her favorite foods during this treatment. And because the aligners are transparent, this makes them more discreet than traditional braces.

Talk to us to find out if Invisalign could work for your teenager.

Wisdom teeth are another concern for older teens. These are the third molars that usually come in during the late teens or early 20s. Unfortunately, most people’s mouths aren’t large enough for these teeth to erupt correctly, and that can cause a variety of problems.

This is another reason we encourage regular dental visits. This allows us to monitor changes to your teen’s teeth. If we notice a problem, we can recommend removal of the wisdom teeth before they become a long-term concern.


Dental Care for Adults

We haven’t forgotten about you, parents. We know that you often put your children’s needs ahead of your own, but we are happy to help you with your oral care as well.

We recommend routine dental cleanings and exams, but we also offer cosmetic and restorative services that many adults appreciate. Whether you are looking for a whiter smile or you need to repair or replace teeth as you get older, our dentist office in Spring, TX, has services that can help.

Just like you want your family to keep smiling, we want you to be happy with your teeth, too.


We Are Here For Your Family

Your family’s oral health needs are going to change, and Texas Dental Group can meet those changing needs. To learn more about us or our many services, just call (832) 791-1706 or fill out our online contact form.

We look forward to seeing you again or to meeting you and your family for the first time.


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