Let’s See Those First Day Of School Smiles!

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It’s just about that time again …

… time to start picking out back to school outfits.

… time to start buying school supplies.

…. and time to schedule a back-to-school dental cleaning at Texas Dental Group.

If you haven’t already scheduled your family’s next dental check-ups, then today is the day to call (832) 791-1706 or contact us online.

Your children’s oral health is important any time of year, but it’s particularly important when school is in session. We hope to see you at our family dentist office in Spring, TX, soon.


Don’t Let Cavities Affect Your Kids’ Education

Each year, children miss out on 51 million hours of instruction due to dental diseases, according to the American Dental Association.

The National Children’s Oral Health Foundation has looked into this as well. They reported that 40 percent of children have had at least one cavity by the time they start kindergarten. They also noted that kids with unhealthy mouths are 3 times more likely to miss school due to dental pain.

When you consider that the poor oral health can lead to malnourishment, emergency surgery, and other complications, it’s no wonder oral health can affect kids’ ability to focus on schoolwork, too.

If those potential costs of oral health problems aren’t enough, the foundation also reported that emergency care for dental problems costs up to $2.1 billion annually in the United States.

You don’t want to get a phone call from your child’s school telling you that your child has been complaining about a toothache. Take advantage of the time you have before school begins to schedule a dental cleaning soon.


Suggestions For A Successful Back-To-School Dental Visit

We want your family’s dental cleanings to go as well as they can. So, we are sharing a few suggestions from the American Dental Association that may help.

It may be too late for this year, by planning ahead can save you a lot of worry. In the future, when your child’s spring report card is sent home, call us to schedule a cleaning to start the next school year right.

We know that life never seems to slow down when you are a parent, but it will only get busier when classes start again. You’ll have to make arrangements to get your kids to school and back home again. You make feel like a taxi service running your kids to their various games, practices, and other activities.

Make oral hygiene a priority at home. You may have noticed that your kids don’t always do what you would like them to do. Even so, it’s important to make the effort to encourage your kids to develop good oral health habits.

This means brushing twice a day for two minutes each time. This also means flossing daily.

If you are having trouble getting your kids to brush and floss, considered downloading an app to your smartphone. There are several free apps available such as Disney Magic Timer, Aquafresh Brush Time, and others that may help motivate your kids to keep their mouths clean.

Keep your kids’ needs in mind. If you are bringing a younger child to the dentist, it’s best to avoid doing this during or right after their regular nap time. A grouchy patient isn’t fun for anyone (no matter how young or old).

Likewise, older children can be tired at the end of a long day of activities. They may have a hard time sitting through a dental visit if they are already worn out.


What You Should Expect During A Dental Visit With Us

First and foremost, we will welcome you to our office, and we will treat your family with care and concern while you are with us.

We know that your time is valuable, and we realize that you probably want to spend less time at the dentist office when possible. Our side-by-side dental appointments can allow you to have your teeth cleaned at the same time as your child, or for your children to have their teeth cleaned at the same time.

We also are a bilingual office. Whether you speak English or Spanish at home, we’ll be happy to talk to you in the language that helps you — and your kids — feel comfortable.

If we notice any problems, we will let you know as soon as possible. This way we can address any issues before they turn into something worse.

Call Texas Dental Group today at (832) 791-1706 or contact us online. We hope to see you soon at our dentist office in Spring, TX.

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