Learn Some Truths About Root Canal Treatments [quiz]

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Which of the following could cause you anxiety?

☐ Roller coasters

☐ Going to the dentist

☐ Going to the dentist for a root canal treatment

If either or both of the last two cause you to feel fearful or anxious, our dentists in Spring, TX, could help. (We can’t promise anything about the roller coasters.)

Many people feel anxious about dental care and about root canal treatments, in particular. Much of that anxiety is because of misunderstandings about root canals.

Root canals can be done painlessly at Texas Dental Group. In fact, root canals are done to remove tooth infections that can cause toothaches and other problems.

If your teeth are causing you pain, get help as soon as you can. Call 832-791-1706 or contact us online to make an appointment.

For now, test your knowledge about root canal with a short quiz.

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