Holiday Treats: Which Are Naughty, Which Are Nice? [BLOG]

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It’s here! Our team at Texas Dental Group is giving you our naughty and nice list of all the holiday treats you may come across while you’re decking the halls this Christmas!

We hope it helps you preserve your healthy teeth and gums well into the New Year!

Foods That Made The Naughty List

Tooth decay and gum disease are two of the biggest obstacles to good oral health we face every single day. For most of the year, you’re probably able to practice moderation when it comes to your daily intake of sugary, acidic foods and drinks.

But the holidays are a bit of a challenge. It’s okay to indulge here and there, but some treats are just too risky. Due to their excess sugar, acidity, and other negative characteristics, they put you at a higher risk for cavities and gum disease.

Here are our picks for holiday treats that should always be considered staples of the naughty list for your teeth!






-Candy Canes

As you can see, most of these items are incredibly high in sugar, but texture is also important. Hard candy canes can damage your tooth enamel and wear down your teeth as you crunch of them. Sticky substances like candied fruit, caramel, and others will get stuck between your teeth and make it harder to clean your mouth effectively.

And although eggnog is a creamy, delicious drink, the high sugar and the alcohol are problematic for your teeth. It can coat your teeth and give bacteria lots of sugar to feast on, and the alcohol can lead to dehydration and a reduction in essential saliva.

Foods That Made The Nice List

You don’t have to stress about deprivation when it’s time to enjoy cocktails, appetizers, and Christmas dinner. There’s never a shortage of choices at festive gatherings, so choose some of these snacks and dishes that will always be on the nice list for your teeth!

*Guilt-Free Snacks & Appetizers

Not every food option at your holiday parties will be bad for your teeth. In fact, you’ll likely have a variety of nutritious snacks and appetizers to enjoy guilt-free. That’s because you won’t be eating foods that are naughty for your teeth and gums. Also, filling up on healthier options before you sit down for Christmas dinner will help prevent overeating!

You might see decorative bowls filled with assorted nuts, so feel free to grab a handful and munch away! Nuts contain protein your teeth need to stay strong against enamel erosion, and their crunch will encourage saliva to add a coating of protection for your teeth, as well.

Other staples at holiday parties are cheese platters and veggie trays. Cut, raw vegetables are filled with essential vitamins and nutrients that are good for your oral and overall health. Along with that, carrots and celery are crunchy, which promotes saliva production.

Another great characteristics of these healthy snacks is that they break down in your mouth in such a way that scrubs your teeth clean as you chew. Hard cheeses have the same effect! Cheese also happens to contain lots of calcium for a strong jawbone that will keep your teeth secure.

*Load Your Plate With Teeth-Friendly Foods

Grab your plate for Christmas dinner and enjoy some delicious dishes that won’t compromise your beautiful, healthy smile!

If you’re like many Americans, you will probably see a platter of deviled eggs on display. You can grab one or two of these flavorful delights without feeling guilty. That’s because egg yolks contain lots of vitamin D that your body needs to fully absorb calcium that keeps your teeth and jawbone strong.

A popular meat during the holidays is juicy, delicious turkey. An excellent choice for your teeth, turkey is loaded with lean protein to strengthen your enamel. Just be careful not to eat turkey that’s still on the bone so you don’t risk chipping your enamel or breaking a tooth!

Visit Us After The Holidays!

It’s okay to indulge your sweet tooth during the holidays. But knowing how to navigate through the wide assortment of popular foods and drinks that grace your holiday buffet table will help you make good decisions and keep your smile healthy.

When it’s all over, you have Dr. Memmott and our caring team at Texas Dental Group to make sure your teeth and gums made it through unscathed! After you deck the halls this season, remember to start 2018 off on the right foot with a dental cleaning and exam.

A commitment to your oral health is our top priority. That’s why we hope to see you soon for your fresh start in keeping your smile healthy and beautiful in the new year, and many years to come!

Trust our team at Texas Dental Group in Spring, TX. Call us today at (832) 791-1706 or contact us online.


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