Four Reasons For You To Get A Tooth Filling

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Do you know anyone with a dental filling? We bet you do, and there’s a decent chance you may already have one, too.

According to the National Institutes of Health, 92 percent of adults between 20 and 64 years old have had at least one cavity. That’s a lot of dental fillings.

Having tooth decay or a cavity is one thing. Broadcasting that fact to the people you meet daily is something else.

At our dentist office in Spring, TX, we have a way to fill your cavity and restore your smile at the same time. We do this by using a composite resin to make tooth fillings for our patients.

Today, we want to discuss four times you may want or need one of our white fillings. Call 832-791-1706 or fill out our online form to learn more about our dental fillings at Texas Dental Group.


  1. You Have A Cavity

The headline for this post notes four reasons why you might need a tooth filling. Let’s start with the most obvious reason — you have a cavity.

As we noted in our introduction, tooth decay will affect most people at one point or another in their adult lives. That’s not a criticism. It’s just a fact.

What you do about that if and when you get a cavity is up to you. The purposes of a tooth filling are to fill the hole created by your tooth decay and to restore the function of your tooth.

You could choose to do this with a gold filling. You could choose to do this with an amalgam filling (which is made of a blend of mercury and other metals like tin, copper, and silver).

These metal fillings will do the job, but they also can add a metallic shine that you may prefer to keep out of your smile.

That’s why we offer composite fillings at our Spring, TX, dentist office. The composite resin will fulfill a fillings purpose, plus it can restore the appearance of your smile. These tooth fillings are made to blend in with the rest of your teeth.

By calling 832-791-1706 to make an appointment, you can see the results for yourself.


  1. You Have A Cracked Tooth

Cracked teeth are more common than many people realize. You may not know you have one until you start to feel pain or a dental professional takes a look at your mouth.

Cracks can develop as a result of clenching or grinding your teeth. Cracks can occur if you bite down too hard on something hard or crunchy, like a piece of hard candy, an olive pit, or an unpopped kernel of popcorn.

If your crack is found early, we can treat it much the same as we would a cavity. We will clean out the inside (to remove bacteria), then use our composite resin to fill in the empty space.

If the crack is too large, then a dental crown may be a better option.


  1. You Have A Chipped Tooth

Chipped teeth are generally easier to spot than cracked teeth. The chips are often the result of accidents or injuries of one kind or another.

Getting hit in the mouth or face with something, walking or running into something, or falling all can cause chips to occurs. So grinding and biting we mentioned earlier can lead to chipped teeth as well.

In this case, the composite resin is still replacing parts of your teeth that are missing. The difference is that the filling material is applied to the outside to rebuild the shape of your tooth.

Sometimes people refer to this procedure as dental bonding. Whatever you call it, you can get it at Texas Dental Group.


  1. You Need To Replace An Old Filling

Dental fillings are not permanent. With time, they will wear down. They will chip and crack. They can even separate from your teeth and fall out.

If any of these things happen, they can expose your teeth to bacteria in places you can’t clean it effectively. This is one of the things we will watch for when you come for regular cleanings and exams at our dentist office in Spring, TX.

Regardless of what kind of tooth filling you have today, you can replace them with one of our white fillings when needed.


Want To Avoid Cavities?

Then you need to visit Texas Dental Group for regular cleanings and exams. You also need to brush and floss daily and eat well.

To schedule your next dental cleaning, call 832-791-1706 or contact us online.

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