You Can Have A ‘Hollywood Smile’ With Cosmetic Dentistry

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If you are reading this on your computer, open a separate tab on your browser. Do an image search for “Hollywood smile” and look at the pictures. (Remember to come back here, too.)

What do you see?

You may see famous people. You may see models. You may see close-up images of smiles.

Regardless, you will probably notice that all those smiles have a few things in common:

□ The teeth are white and bright.

□ The teeth are perfectly straight.

□ The teeth are evenly spaced.

This isn’t because people who become famous have perfect teeth. The truth is many celebrities “fix” their smiles because they know it’s something that can help their image.

It’s also true that you could have a smile that looks every bit as good as your favorite actor. You can do this with cosmetic dentistry at our office, right here in Spring, TX.

In our eyes, every patient who visits Texas Dental Group is a star who deserves to feel good about his or her smile. To find out what our cosmetic services could do for you, call (832) 791-1706 today or contact us online to schedule a consultation with Dr. Memmott.


Four Things Cosmetic Dentistry Can Do For You

We can’t cover all the things that cosmetic dentistry can do in today’s post, but we do want to give you some ideas about how it could help your smile. Here are some things we’ve seen with the services we offer:


1. You can have whiter teeth.

There’s no question that having white, bright, and clean teeth makes your smile look nicer. All you have to do is walk down any toothpaste aisle to get an idea how important this has become in our society.

Unfortunately, those commercial whitening products often leave a lot of room for improvement. On the other hand, you can remove deep stains and make your teeth several shades whiter with the help of our professional teeth whitening.

Since teeth whitening can increase tooth sensitivity, you make prefer another option for creating a brighter smile. Dental veneers are bonded to the front of your teeth, sort of home false fingernails can be attached to your nails. If you take care of them like you should, veneers can last for decades. Since they are more stain resistant than teeth, they also can help you keep your white smile longer.


2. You can close the gaps between your teeth.

Some people feel self-conscious about having extra space between two or more of their teeth. We have three possible solutions for this. What you choose may depend on how wide those spaces are.

Dental bonding can be a simple, effective, and relatively inexpensive solution if your gaps are small. Dental veneers also can be used to change just a few teeth rather than your whole smile.

For severe gaps or other alignment issues, you might want to try Invisalign®. This is a discreet orthodontic treatment that uses aligners made of transparent plastic instead of brackets and wires.


3. You can have a straight smile.

Crooked and crowded teeth can make your smile a distraction rather than an attraction.

This is another time when you may turn to Invisalign to fix your problem. The gentle pressure of each aligner will gradually change the position of your teeth until they are straight and parallel to one another.

If your misalignment issues are relatively minor, then you might be able to conceal your teeth with dental veneers instead. Veneers can change the appearance of your teeth in less time, although we would not recommend them for patients with more severe alignment problems.


4. You can feel more confident about your smile.

We will grant you that this isn’t something we can just show you with a picture. At the same time, any of the services we mentioned above can give you this result.

We’ve seen this happen more times than we can count. So many patients have visited us who were embarrassed to let anyone, including us, see their teeth.

After we helped them find the right cosmetic treatment, they felt so happy they couldn’t help smiling. That kind confidence can carry into your personal and professional life as well.


See The Difference Cosmetic Dentistry Can Make

You are a star in the eyes of our team at Texas Dental Group. Let us give you a reason to let your smile shine. Call (832) 791-1706 or contact us online if you would like to talk to Dr. Memmott about making changes to your smile.


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