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Sharks can replace their teeth as often as needed. They have developed something almost like a conveyor belt inside their mouths. If one tooth falls out, another one takes its place.

Humans aren’t quite so lucky. We get our primary teeth, which fall out and get replaced by our permanent teeth. Only they aren’t always so permanent. Since we aren’t sharks, we can’t regrow what we’ve lost.

Fortunately, we have come up with the next best thing — implant-supported dentures!

Where can you get this modern marvel? You can get them at our dentist office in Spring, TX.

If you want more than just a new smile, then you need to know what dental implants can do for you. For that reason, you owe it yourself to schedule a consultation at Texas Dental Group. You can request an appointment online, or you can call (832) 791-1706.


Dentures Are Incomplete Teeth Replacements

Not that there’s ever been a good time to lose your teeth, but if you do, now is the best time ever. Dental implants are the most effective teeth replacements that have ever been created.

For thousands of years, replacing your lost teeth really meant replacing the crowns. For a patient who was missing a complete row of teeth, this meant getting a set of dentures.

The rub with traditional dentures (pun, possibly intended) is that they are not anchored in place. As a result — and as anyone with dentures can tell you — they will slide around, slip out of place, and even fall out.

This makes it difficult if not impossible to eat certain foods. Even something as simple as talking can cause dentures to slip and slide. This can be frustrating, embarrassing, or both.

From the functional side, imagine trying to lift something with just 1/4 of the strength you have now. With traditional dentures, you are basically able to bite with 1/4 of your original bite force.

That’s why chewing chicken or biting into corn on the cob can be so much more difficult when you only have dentures to do the job. To bring back more of your bite, you need to create a connection between your dentures and your jawbone. You need dental implants.


The Root(s) Of The Matter

As we said earlier, we can’t just grow new teeth like sharks when our permanent teeth fall out. If we could, they probably wouldn’t be called “permanent” teeth.

But dental implants give us the ability to create something nearly as good.

These implants were created for the purpose of replacing your roots. That is the key to creating stronger, more stable, and more complete teeth replacements.

For a patient who wants to feel comfortable smiling again and who wants to be able to eat whatever he or she wants, implants make a huge difference.

When an implant is placed in your jaw, the bone reacts to it in the same way it would react to the roots of a natural tooth. While you heal from your implant placement procedure, your bone will bond to the implant.

A series of dental implants can be placed in your jaw to serve as the foundation to support your dentures. When your dentures are attached, your smile will look as good as it ever has (maybe even better).

Maybe more importantly, you will regain nearly all of your original biting power.

Because the implants are holding your dentures in place, they won’t get pushed aside or pulled out if you try to bite into something like an apple. And because the implants are embedded in your jaw, you can put more force behind each chew. That makes eating fried chicken or steak much more comfortable. Studies have shown that it’s practically the same as eating with natural teeth.


What Will You Do For Yourself?

Anyone who has had dentures for years knows their limitations. This changes how they eat and what they choose to eat. This doesn’t stop all the frustrations that can come along with having traditional dentures, however.

To restore more than just your smile, you should set up an appointment with Dr. Memmott at Texas Dental Group. This is your chance to learn more about how dental implants can change your everyday experience with dentures.

Call our dentist office in Spring, TX at (832) 791-1706 or contact us online if you want to know more about implant-supported dentures.


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