Do You Have Dental Anxiety? [quiz]

Dental anxiety can include anything from mild anxiety to outright fear of the dentist.No matter where you fall on the spectrum, the team at our dentist office in Spring, TX, wants to help. Our caring and compassionate staff has been helping anxious patients for years, which is why so many of them keep coming back to our office.We offer a variety of comfort options as well as sedation ...

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Cosmetic Dentistry Could Be Just What Your Smile Needs [video]

It’s rare for someone to have a naturally perfect smile. It’s also popular for people to create better smiles with cosmetic dentistry.Call 832-791-1706 or contact Texas Dental Group online to set up a consultation with Dr. Nathan Memmott. At our dentist office in Spring, TX, we offer professional teeth whitening, orthodontic treatments, and more.If you want a better smile, there’s ...

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You Can Feel Better Thanks To A Root Canal

We’ve seen “the look” on too many patients’ faces when someone says, “You need a root canal.”We know that this is one of the most feared procedures in dental care. We also know that it can cause dental anxiety in people who usually don’t have any problem coming to the dentist.We also want you to know that it’s going to be OK.It’s not great that you need a root canal ...

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5 Things Dental Fillings & Bonding Can Do For Your Smile [infographic]

For you teeth to look and function their best, they need to be whole. A cavity or a chipped tooth can detract from your smile and make it more difficult to eat certain foods.Fortunately, our dentist has just the tools to fix your smile at our Spring, TX, office. Tooth-colored dental fillings are a great way to repair your teeth, and the resin used for our fillings also can be used for dental ...

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We Offer Flexible Dental Care To Fit Your Needs [video]

Whether you want to get in and out for a quick dental cleaning or you want to discuss your oral health in greater detail, we will work with you. We strive to be flexible to meet the needs of the many patients who visit our dentist office in Spring, TX.Dr. Nathan Memmott discusses what you can expect during a dental cleaning at Texas Dental Group in the video below.But if you want to see ...

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5 Ways General Dentistry Goes Beyond Dental Cleanings

We hope to see our patients a couple times each year for dental cleanings and exams. Along with daily brushing and flossing, routine dental exams are a big part of your oral health.But that’s only part of what we can do for you. As part of our general dentistry at Texas Dental Group, we offer many other services for our patients. We are happy to provide them during your regular visits ...

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Fighting Tooth Decay With Knowledge [quiz]

Tooth decay is one of those problems that never goes away. The bacteria that cause it live inside your mouth. They are constantly trying to create plaque and cavities, which can lead to bigger problems if left untreated.While you do need to brush and floss daily, you don’t have to fight tooth decay on your own. Regular dental cleanings at our dentist office in Spring, TX, will help prevent ...

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Get Help As Fast As You Can In A Dental Emergency [video]

When you are having a dental emergency, you want help and you want it as quickly as possible. Dr. Nathan Memmott and our team at Texas Dental Group understands that.We will make every effort to get you the emergency dental care that you need that same time. Whether you have a broken or lost tooth, a toothache, or another issue, we want to help identify the problem and end your pain.Call ...

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Protect Your Favorite Smiles With Athletic Mouthguards

You can't really place a value on the best things in life. If you are a parent, is there anything better than seeing your children smile?For many children, sports are one of the biggest reasons to smile. And for parents, so is cheering on your kids from the sideline while they are playing hard and having fun.But there is a risk to playing sports. We may not talk about it, but it's always ...

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Get Your Smile Back On Track In Spring, TX [video]

Emily knew her mouth wasn't as healthy as it could be when she first visited our dentist office in Spring, TX. Together, we developed a game plan to improve her oral health.Since then, she has remained one of our patients. She feels more confident in her smile. She knows she can count on the friendly staff at Texas Dental Group whether she needs a dental cleaning or emergency dental ...

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