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Our vision for family dentistry in Spring, TX hasn’t changed in nearly 30 years. We’ve remained faithful to giving your family the same attentive care we’d want for our loved ones. You can turn to Texas Dental Group for your routine checkups, oral surgery, and everything in between.

Brittany on the Comfortable Office Setting
As a devoted husband and proud father to two young daughters, family comes first for Dr. Memmott. And to us, our patients are family. We take care of you and your family by listening to your concerns and being clear about the process for every procedure. We respect your time with same-day appointments and can even schedule appointments “side-by-side,” so you can get multiple members of your family in and out of our office in the time it takes for one appointment. And if you experience a dental emergency, we are only a call away, just like any good family member should be. That’s what it means to be a dentist in Spring, TX.

Services For High Schoolers

High school can be a trying time for your child. The teen years are an important time in dental health; it’s when you can make sure your child receives the treatments they need to maintain good dental health into adulthood and give them a confident smile that will see them through their first job interview, their first date, and all those milestone photo occasions like prom, senior yearbook pictures, and graduation. You can rely on us for regular dental cleanings and exams and anything else needed during the teenage years, like wisdom teeth removal, braces, and teeth whitening.

High Standards

Dr. Memmott holds himself to high personal standards. In dental school, he finished at the top of his class for clinical proficiency and hand skills. He’s brought those same standards to our family dental office and continues to advance his dental knowledge through his cosmetic dentistry and implant dentistry at the Las Vegas Institute.

We have in place a solid, trusted team of staff members, some of whom have been providing quality care for Spring area families for more than 20 years.

Call us at 832-791-1706  to set up an appointment and become a member of our dental family!

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